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The Principal Purpose of PLANS

  • To provide a means for member companies of the property and casualty insurance industry to exchange information of mutual interest and value as related to information and technology.

Antitrust Statement:

There is no agreement, express or implied, regarding any activity pertaining to market share, rating or expenses, including but not limited to, agreement concerning coverage provided policyholders, policy forms, endorsements, or underwriting rules and manuals. There is no agreement, express or implied, concerning activities that could be construed as a boycott, coercion, intimidation or other anticompetitive act in violation of the public interest. Representatives of PLANS member companies at PLANS meetings must remember that their respective companies are competitors in the marketplace outside of the PLANS organization and that the insurance industry has only a limited immunity from federal antitrust scrutiny under the McCarran-Ferguson Act and under the laws of some states. Therefore, PLANS company representatives must exercise care in discussing subjects as even innocuous discussions about rates or underwriting policies might later be misinterpreted as evidence of collusion. PLANS member company representatives should adhere to the written agenda and not discuss, formally or informally, at committee meetings or in other events connected with them, any matters relating to rates, underwriting, coverages or marketing; or costs or profits of any aspect of these operations, of any particular company. Representatives are advised that there should also be no discussion of any individual company's market response to legislative or other developments.